What Are Double Hung Windows?

Environmental Protection Agency have developed this designation,which varies by climate,for products meeting certain energy performance criteria. The two most referenced energy ratings on an NFRC label are U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. Great Lakes Windows can be configured to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR ratings in all 50 states. Look for the NFRC label on a window,which provides information on how a window performs.

Double-hung windows differ from single-hung in that they offer the homeowner the ability to open each sash,rather than just the bottom sash. A side by side comparison of single-hung and double-hung windows. Stanek’s double-hung vinyl windows are beautiful,durable and offer you maximum ventilation. Our custom-tuned balance system and fully integrated sash ensure smooth operation for the life of your windows. With a double-hung window,you could open just the top panel while leaving the bottom closed,something you can’t do with a single-hung window. If you don’t adequately shut a double-hung window,gravity can slightly pull down the upper sash and cause it not to lock completely. The installation of a double-hung window is fairly quick and simple and can be done by both an experienced do-it-yourselfer or by a professional.

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Replacement parts cost two to three times more for double-hung windows,compared to single-hung. Double-hung windows just sound like a lot more work than single-hung windows. After all,why the heck would you need to hang windows twice? Lots of people don’t know the difference between these two window types and can’t tell you exactly what double-hung windows are.

If you don’t adequately shut a double-hung window,gravity can slightly pull down the upper sash and cause it not to lock completely. Of course,this issue can easily be fixed by testing to make sure the window is locked after you shut it. The same materials can be used to clean both double-hung and single-hung windows. The process for cleaning may vary depending on the type of window. In a single-hung window,rot around the upper sash means that the window itself needs to be replaced,since the upper sash is a part of the window. In a double-hung window,replacing the sash should fix the problem. Because the upper sash of single-hung windows can’t be moved in the track,the upper sash of a single-hung window can be different shapes,like arched or pointed.

Up close,the differences between these two windows are more obvious. Single-hung windows are usually taller than they are wide,with a fixed sash on top and a moveable sash on bottom. To open a single-hung window,the user lifts the bottom sash. At their most open position,single-hung windows can only be opened about half way . Due to their moveable parts,double-hung windows are easier to clean both from the interior and the exterior. Despite the higher level of functionality of double-hung style windows,they seem to come second when discussing their energy efficiency.

Circulation of airflow can be made easier when you have the ability to open both sashes a portion of the way or just a top or just a bottom sash. For best cooling ventilation,open the bottom sash to allow cool air to enter the room and the top sash to allow warmer air which rises to the top of the room to escape. Most have avinyl frame,are not very energy efficient,and have low-grade hardware that is likely to break sooner that higher-end models. Additional factors like trim work and frame and sill measurements can increase the cost.

Double-hung windows are simple,traditional rectangular windows with two sashes,one upper and one lower. Sometimes the glass in each sash is made up of one pane,other times the glass may be divided into many panes,separated by dividers known as “muntins” . If you’re trying to match the architecture of your home,double-hung windows may be the right choice. This style is frequently seen in Craftsman homes and Victorian-style houses.

<ul><li>A casement window is a very different style from the double hung window.</li><li>Casement windows are often held together by a casement stay and are opened by a crank,lever,or handle.</li><li>A casement window is attached to the frame by hinges on the left or right side of the frame.</li><li>Similar to a casement window,windows that hinge at the top are called awning windows and those hinged at the bottom are called hoppers.</li><li>They come with a single window pane with one hinge on the left or right or with double window panes that swing open in the center.</li></ul>

Double hung windows allow you to enjoy fresh air,great ventilation,and the view. Add to that the ease of cleaning double hung windows vs picture windows and it’s clear why double hung windows are so popular. A picture window is a large window consisting of one pane of glass that is fixed and does not open,unlike a double hung window that opens from the top and bottom.

Casement windows are usually more expensive than double-hung windows,often twice as much. This can be attributed to the more complex mechanical operations of casement windows,combined with the lower consumer demand. While double-hung may cost more up front,in the long run,the added features for security and maintenance could save you greatly.

One of the biggest advantages of double-hung windows is safety. If you have small children or pets,they may be able to climb up and get out of the lower sash of a window. If you have a double-hung window,you can open just the top sash and keep them safe because this top part of the window is out of their reach. If the upper sash of a single-hung window breaks,a glazier must come in and repair the window. With a double-hung window,though,the homeowner could replace the upper sash. Cooling – If you want to install a temporary air conditioning system in the window of your living room,a double-hung window is ideal.

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